You may be moving home to Kilkenny, renovating, decluttering or travelling abroad. Storage units are the ultimate place to leave your things for peace of mind. So, it makes perfect sense to use storage units Kilkenny while you begin an exciting journey in your life.

Moving House

Whether you are upgrading or downsizing, the need for self storage Kilkenny is a must. House hunting can mean that you need a secure, affordable space to keep your possessions. You can choose from short term and long-term storage options so that you have no worries. We have house removal options too to make your move easier.

Home Renovations

Even simple decorating tasks can leave your belongings looking lacklustre. From construction projects to basic decorating, the desire to keep your furniture and memories intact is a must. Using a storage unit can relieve any fear of your items being damaged or in the way.


It can be difficult to organise rooms in your home and get that layout you desire. Whether it’s a small or vast number of items, we have the greatest variation in sizes of storage units Kilkenny has to offer. This means guaranteed value. Decluttering with the aid of a storage unit means more space and less stress!


The last thing that should be on anyone’s mind when they are travelling is to be worrying about their personal belongings. With security at the heart of self-storage facilities, it’s one less thing to worry about while travelling.

A Place for Your Hobbies

We all have hobbies. However, it can be awkward finding the place at home appropriate for your favourite things, especially if you are a collector or play seasonal sports. Sturdy Self Storage has storage units in Kilkenny which can help facilitate your lifestyle!

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